Temporary rental interruption

Measures against the coronavirus cause a great deal of inconvenience to the business activities, resulting in applications for temporary rental interruptions.

If you are forced to grant this rental interruption, you cannot add invoiced (half) days to your rental files.

To help our clients analyze the impact of this exceptional situation, we have created a specific screen that allows you to study the impact of these not invoiced days per machine or per client.

Apply filters on company, customer or material.

This new screen is now available in the new version of Vary. Please contact us to update your Vary.


    • Can we benefit from this screen?
      This screen is available to all Dagico customers, please contact our team to update your Vary.
    • We do not use uncounted days, how does it work?
      You enter uncounted days on specific dates or periods on your rental files or customer records and Vary automatically deducts these days when invoicing.
    • How do we start using uncounted days in our company?
      Contact our team to help you implement this management. You will need to set up your Vary configuration, make any necessary changes to your layout (on a case-by-case basis) and explain how it works in more detail.
    • What about COVID-19??
      The entire Dagico team remains fully operational, so you can continue to contact us as normal.
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