The software for renting out
audiovisual equipment

A solution adapted to the needs of
rental companies of audiovisual equipment

Vary is intended for professionals and offers you a 360 degree view of your business! 
Centralize the management of your activity in one application and manage your commercial activities, availability of equipment, resource planning and invoicing.

Availability of your equipment

Technical teams & transport teams

Checklists for material preparation

Multi warehouses

Management of maintenance/repairs of equipment


With our software package you can manage the following rental equipment:

 Video projector




Made-to-measure functions
for your company

Manage your equipments:
An accurate overview

  • Analyze the capacity utilization of your equipment and its profitability.
  • Manage your kits effectively, only show on customer documents what is necessary.
  • Maintain an overview of the availability of your rental material, taking account of departure, returns, maintenance and repairs of your fleet.
  • Combine items to always offer your customers the right options.
  • Quickly make material preparation documents.
  • Use specific screens for the warehouse, always remain informed of the progress of the preparation.
  • Use barcodes, serial numbers and RFID tags to guarantee the traceability of your equipment.
  • Manage your sub-rentals and additions to compensate your stock deficits.

Kits management

Equipment planning

Specific screen for warehouses

Maintenance and repairs of equipment

Financial management
Your rental business under control

  • Profit from a flexible and fast invoicing system.
  • Avoid double input by sending your invoices in digital format to your accounting department.
  • Implement verification processes for invoicing.
  • Minimize the time that is necessary for invoicing broken or not returned equipment.

Fast invoicing

Capacity utilization

Link to your accounting

Resource planning
Transports & services

  • Overview of the necessary resources in general and per project. Need for services to be rendered, rendered.
  • View the availability and the applications for personnel.
  • Plan your transports and teams.
  • Web platform for the acceptance of claims for services by external employees.

Web platform

Transport planning

Team planning

Your commercial management:
Boost your rental business

  • Create, communicate and follow your contracts in a clear and user-friendly interface.
  • Prepare your offers in less than 2 minutes!
  • Automatically calculate your transport costs.
  • Dispatch technical files and general terms and conditions as annexes.
  • Assign tasks to your employees and check their progress.

Quotations: 2min

Centralized, clear and efficient commercial management

View the addresses on the map

Dispatch technical files and general terms and conditions as annexes

Use BI:
Business intelligence

  • Maintain a clear overview of the progression of your business.
  • Let us define together the performance indicators that must be introduced.
  • Use integrated reporting tools and ask for reports made to measure on the basis of your indicators.
  • With Office 365 BI you will always keep track of your KPIs!

Reporting tools

Custom reporting

Connection to Power BI

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