Stock management

Stock management

Improve your productivity,
no matter what the challenge is.

Vary  offers you a 360 degree view of your business!
Centralize the management of your activity in one application and manage your commercial activities, availability of equipment, resource planning and invoicing.

Equipement planning

Kits management

Dedicated screens for warehouse

Management of maintenance/repairs of equipment

Manage your equipments :
An accurate view

  • Maintain an overview of the availability of your rental material, taking account of departure, returns, maintenance and repairs of your fleet.
  • Manage your kits effectively, only show on customer documents what is necessary.
  • Combine items to always offer your customers the right options.
  • Quickly make material preparation documents.
  • Use specific screens for the warehouse, always remain informed of the progress of the preparation.
  • Use barcodes, serial numbers and RFID tags to guarantee the traceability of your equipment.
  • Manage your sub-rentals and additions to compensate your stock deficits.
"We work with VARY for more than 10 ans. Initialy we chose VARY because he was efficient and userfriendly. Furthermore he covered already a big part of our proces. Since then VARY evolves with us and all our proces are now integrated in this ERP. More over, thanks to his fruitful experience the support of VARY understand directly our needs.
VARY is an ERP dedicated to the rental. Not an ERP where we add the rental management."
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