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Trackunit, leader in the field of telemetry, allows you to geolocate your construction site machines, to retrieve machine usage data. A formidable solution to optimize the management of your equipment, to plan the maintenance and repairs to be carried out but also to remotely diagnose the causes of a possible breakdown.

Vary has been working with Trackunit for several years now.

Vary uses the online mapping service Google Maps. View the various delivery and pickup addresses on a Google map directly in our application. 

Creditsafe is the world’s most widely used provider of business information. Check the creditworthiness of your business relationships and assess their financial solvency.

Euler Hermes is the world leader in credit insurance solutions: Euler Hermes monitors the financial health of your customers to protect your company from the risk of non-payment. Benefit from Euler Hermes’ services through our Vary application.

Signotec, a specialist in the field of electronic signature capture, provides high-resolution qualitative signpads. Take advantage of our gateway to Signotec.

Vary uses a Microsoft SQL Server database management system.

Thanks to our collaboration with Microsoft, we are able to offer you the reliability, efficiency, durability and interconnectivity of Microsoft SQL Server.

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