Dagico/Vary joins the Fraeye group!

It is with pride, dignity and ambition that we inform you that the Fraeye group and Vary/Dagico joined their forces on 14/04/2021.
As a specialist in rental software worldwide, the existing team of Vary under the leadership of Benoît Nève, will continue to maintain, develop and support the current software solutions towards the existing customers.

The Fraeye Group currently employs 85 people and includes the companies Carfac, C&C, Wasp and Novasoft, each with their own different software expertise in the machinery, agriculture, automotive and retail sectors.

The existing team of Vary consists of 8 people and will continue to maintain, develop and support the current software solutions to their existing customers.
Joining the Fraeye group brings many advantages. All companies within the Fraeye group can rely on one single IT point of contact, namely the Fraeye hardware group, in which we centralize the technical support for our own units regarding IT and we are also able to manage all IT infrastructure projects for our existing customers if requested.
In the future, Dagico will be able to combine the specialization and flexibility of an SME with the strength of a solid group and a wide range of support services which will allow a further expansion of the Dagico organization.

We have noticed that companies within the machinery and agriculture sector are increasingly focusing on rental activities. This trend brought both companies in contact with each other and the Fraeye Group found it interesting to welcome this specialisation within our organisation. Both companies recognize themselves in the type of customers, sectors in which we are active and especially in certain values and standards in which we want to offer our customers a partnership towards the future.

Today we already notice a high complementarity between Carfac and Vary.
Where Carfac presents itself with a clear specialisation in after sales, warehouse and service, the Vary team is known for their thorough know-how and specialisation in rental. Regardless of the fact that Carfac has a rental module in its portfolio and Vary also offers a workshop module, the synergy between both teams will be an asset to our customers. Bringing together different specialisations within the Fraeye Group will mean that knowledge and expertise can be shared more quickly between the various teams. This collaboration will allow us to use our knowledge and experience to enhance current solutions with additional features.

For Benoît Nève, who has seen Dagico grow over the years, it was important that the Fraeye group not only provides day-to-day support but also that the current Vary team has the freedom to continue focusing on customer satisfaction and professionalism as an SME.

The team of Vary will thus be able to continue to build with the same passion and drive to support their customers worldwide.

We are waiting for you at Matexpo (booth 206) and thank you!

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